Saburashi Showdown

During the minor Applied Game Design at the University of Amsterdam our job was to create a new board game. We came up with a Japanese themed board game called “Subarashi Showdown”. Subarashi translates to great. The goal of the game is to be the last man standing. As a player you can plan your moves for 3 turns. Your opponents get the same amount of turns. The cards you play will determine your strategy. This games focuses on a great balance between strategy and luck.

The boardgame was a succes and i decided to make a videogame version. The game is made in Unity Engine. The game has a deadline of five weeks from start.

Smokey de Krokey

Smokey de krokey heb ik gemaakt om meer te leren over 3D design en animatie. Smokey is gemaakt in 3D studio max. De animaties zijn volledig gemaakt in Unity. Via buttons zijn de animaties van smokey te activeren. Een WebGL demo is op internet te spelen. De game is gehost op Cheesegames. Dit is een website die kleine ontwikkelaars de mogelijkheid biedt de game te publiceren. Het is aanbevolen Smokey de Krokey te spelen in fullscreen zodat alle interface elementen zichtbaar zijn.